Introducing a game-changer for restaurant marketing.

Learn more about how to invest in the future of the restaurant industry with SmartScreen!

Our technology generates business insights, meets business objectives, and manages constraints to increase guest satisfaction and send revenues soaring to new heights. 





The Problem:

Restaurant owners are limited in their ability to...

Cost-effectively increase revenue

Cost-effectively increase profits

Increase customer satisfaction

SmartScreen's Solution:

Empower restaurant owners and marketers to...

Increase new visits

Improve return visits

Boost ticket sales

Increase revenue and profits

Provide personalized menu recommendations

A Look at SmartScreen

No Need for Personal Data to Personalize: SmartScreen blends various data types and user behavior to personalize content, even without specific customer data.

Recommendations & Content Delivered Based on Business Objectives: SmartScreen recommends items that help meet business goals, like selling the most profitable or highest revenue items.

Checks & Balances Govern the Recommendations: Our algorithms control which items get promoted more and which get less attention based on their availability and the business's goals.

Wholistic Approach: SmartScreen integrates recommendations and optimized content across various platforms like online ordering, digital signage, and mobile apps, unifying disparate personalization capabilities.

Fully Automated: After the initial setup, SmartScreen's system automatically keeps making better and more suitable suggestions for your business on its own.

Open to all: SmartScreen is designed to increase sales no matter what methods or channels a restaurant uses, giving every owner the chance to reach their customers as effectively as the big brands do.

Our Product

Why Invest in SmartScreen?

SmartScreen is the only restaurant-specific personalization and sales optimization platform in the market. Their cutting-edge technology addresses the key pain points faced by restaurateurs and offers a cost-effective, user-friendly solution.

Of the over 660,900 restaurants and 70,00 bars nationwide, SmartScreen is setting out to capture a large portion of this market with their platform. Invest today!  

Our Team

James Reed | Co-Founder/CEO

James Reed is a strategic executive with three decades of experience, having worked in both corporate and start-up environments. His expertise in leading sales and marketing efforts for Fortune 500 spinouts under venture capital umbrellas has led to numerous successes, including the sale of a USPS privatization start-up, SmartMail, to DHL for $480 million. Reed's vast experience and innovative approach continue to propel SmartScreen to new heights in the foodservice tech industry.

Pat Moore | Co-Founder/Chief Data Scientist

Pat Moore is a Cornell Statistician with vast experience.  Pat has directed Data Science teams at American Express, Rakuten, New York Times and Bloomberg as well as various start-ups.  Pat's teams have conducted thousands of online experiments, built thousands of predictive models, designed several semi-automated analytics platforms, designed a few recommender systems, and designed one completely automated analytics platform. All with the objective of revenue maximization.

Laura Marie Ali | SVP Sales and Marketing

Laura Marie Ali, a seasoned Sales Executive with a track record of success at Fortune 100 companies like Xerox Corporation and RR Donnelley, has led two start-ups to successful IPOs while heading sales at Document Sciences Corporation and Smartmail. With extensive experience in successful ventures alongside James, she now leads her own company, Triple Win Sales, specializing in developing and executing results-driven sales and marketing strategies for private sector companies.

If You've Made it This Far...

Our revolutionary technology has the ability to shape and transform the over 660,000 restaurants and over 70,000 bars nationwide. SmartScreen offers ground-breaking solutions for restaurant owners and brands that are dissatisfied with their current customer communication and marketing efforts.

Investing in SmartScreen is investing in the future of restaurant technology, don't miss out on this opportunity!

Learn more about how to invest in the future of the restaurant industry with SmartScreen!

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